Insert your Motorcycle Club

Any kind "custom" Motorcycle Club can have its own free space on

This space is formed by:

  1. A Motorcycle Club's page, with the ability to insert a text presentation with pictures/videos pertaining to the Club
  2. The ability to insert your Motorcycle Club's logo or representative image
  3. A private forum for discussions only accessible to Motorcycle Club's members
  4. The ability to write public news and official press releases to the Biker world (they'll fill the section The voice of the club)
  5. The ability to list all motorcycle rallies, runs or events organized by your Motorcycle Club directly in its page
  6. Your Motorcycle Club will appear in the Motorcycle Clubs geographical world map

Note: please keep seriousness of using this section. This is not a game and any abuse will be severely prosecuted. Motorcycle Club that will register on this site may not be simply virtual but must exists and be relevant in reality. It is preferable that who is registering the Motorcycle Club here is a member of the board with authority and decision-making authority in the reality. Subject to the approval of the administrator of the Motorcycle Club's page, other Motrcycle Club's members can then "connect" their CustomMANIA accounts to the Motorcycle Club page (and thus have access to the private forum).

Be aware of what you do: if you do not know the Biker environment or do not know what you're doing forget it, do not do anything. and its Staff accept no responsibility for any consequence (in the real world also) due to the use (especially if incorrect) of this section/site functionality.

You have to be registered or logged in to insert your Motorcycle Club.

If your Motorcycle Club is already present in our directory, you can "join" your account to the Motorcyle Club.