A tutti i Motoclub: aprite il vostro spazio gratuito su CustomMANIA.com

CustomMANIA.com offers free virtual space for any Motorcyle Club that wishes to use it.

This space is formed by:

  1. A Motorcycle Club's page, with the ability to insert a text presentation with pictures/videos pertaining to the Club
  2. The ability to insert your Motorcycle Club's logo or representative image
  3. A private forum for discussions only accessible to Motorcycle Club's members
  4. The ability to write public news and official press releases to the Biker world (they'll fill the section The voice of the club)
  5. The ability to list all motorcycle rallies, runs or events organized by your Motorcycle Club directly in its page
  6. Your Motorcycle Club will appear in the Motorcycle Clubs geographical world map

Opening your Motorcycle Club space on CustomMANIA.com is usefull because:

  1. Every time you or any other CustomMANIA user insert a motorcycle rally in the motorcycle rallies calendar, your Motoclub can automatically be associated to the motorcycle rally, it it is the organizer. The list of all motorcycle rallies associated with your Motorcycle Club will be listed, as well as in motorcycle rallies calendar, even in your Motorcycle Club's page.

  2. The section Club's Voice, where you can publish press releases and/or official news, it is a valuable channel to spread quickly and officially all official communications regarding your Mottorcycle Club to the Biker world (all your press releases are then rapidly shared on Social Networks through the appropriate sharing buttons found at the end of the text of your release)

We conclude by thanking Motorcycle Clubs wthat already have joined this initiative, especially the first few who have created their page as soon as new CustomMANIA was released:

  1. Black Lions - http://www.custommania.com/en/motorcycle-clubs/black-lions
  2. The Ogres - http://www.custommania.com/en/motorcycle-clubs/ogres
  3. Texas Hill Country Chapter, Italian Member - http://www.custommania.com/en/motorcycle-clubs/texas-hill-country-chapte...

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Thank you!

Lo Staff